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5 Reasons to Choose Acupuncture TODAY!

5 Reasons to Choose Acupuncture TodayIMG_0319

Acupuncture is the oldest medical system in the world – used by millions of people everyday! Here in Quebec it is a fully-fledged, recognized health profession, attracting individuals who seek to regain control of their health.

Rosemary McDonough, Ac

Choose acupuncture today to:

 1. Move freely without pain. Numerous studies support acupuncture’s efficacy in reducing persistant muscle, joint and even abdominal pain.

2. Balance your hormones. Acupuncture is a realistic and natural way to treat SPM, infertility and menopause symptoms because it can access the endocrine system, which governs hormone balance.

3 Enhance your immune system.  Always catching colds and flu? Free yourself from allergies and build strong defensive energy with treatments that target the immune system.

4 Regain your vitality. There are many reasons for fatigue.  Acupuncture treats the problem at its source so you can live the life you deserve!

5 Deal with stress so you can enjoy a better quality of life! Acupuncture works to calm nervous tension and improve your outlook.




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