RECIPES, Vibrational cooking


This insanely nutritious soup is simple to make and can be changed to make use of what you may already have on hand. The indispensible ingredient however is miso.   Miso comes in  paste form and can be found refrigerated at the health food store and all enlightened grocery stores.  Miso  is high in protein and vitamins and minerals but since it is a fermented product it is also good for your digestion.  Some people worry about the high sodium content in miso, (which does have a salty flavour), but studies have shown that this type of sodium does not affect blood pressure the way table salt will, and consuming miso actually protects cardiovascular health.  Miso should never be combined with boiling water as this will kill off the beneficial bacteria that contribute to your health!

The veggies are barely cooked, just warming them in the steaming water will do fine, and this is a great way for raw-food lovers to jump off that bandwagon and start to integrate more warm, ‘nearly cooked’ foods into their diet.

When I head in for a long day at the clinic this is my lunch of choice.  All I do is prepare the fixings ahead of time and use my kettle at work to produce this re-energizing miso magic!!

Did I mention how DELICIOUS this soup tastes??? Light but satisfying! One caveat, I don’t measure anything when I make this soup, so the following  recipe is my best estimation!  The following should make 4 hearty helpings.

Rosie's Miso Soup

OK, collect :

4 Baby bok choy (or 1 or 2 grown-up bok choy)

Carrots , slice these nice and slender, almost matchstick size, but don’t obsess about it

2-4 green onions, sliced

1 zucchini , matchstick sliced, if desired

A handful or two of shitake mushrooms chopped roughly

Approximately 2-3 tbs sauce or ‘Bragg’ (a non sodium replacement)

A dash or more of sesame oil.

1/4 cup of warm water.

A heaping tablespoon of organic miso paste.

Chopped, fresh cilantro

Mix miso and warm water (not boiling) together in small bowl and set aside to dissolve. Pour vegetables into a medium sized saucepan and add 5-6 cups of water.  Add soy sauce and sesame oil.  This broth will taste rather thin until the miso get added.  Heat to steaming.

Meanwhile make sure that the miso paste is completely disolved, then divide equal portions to each soup bowl and top with the vegetable-broth mixture and cilantro.

Modify this soup by using other vegetables, think chinese cabbage, green string beans, etc.  For more protien try adding cooked shrimp or chicken.
Bon appétit, as we say here in Quebec!


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