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Mini Acupuncture class in Mont-Tremblant Village Jan. 30!

Hello and Happy Year of the Water Snake!  I sincerely hope that 2013 finds you all doing well and blessed with good health.

I’d like to invite you to an afternoon presentation, a kind of mini course about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, its history, how it works and why the World Health Organization recommends it for a vast number of health conditions.

It takes place Wednesday, January 30 at 1:30-4:00pm and is hosted by the English chapter of the Université de Troisième Âge. Location is Salle des Loisirs, 144 rue du Couvent, in Mt-Tremblant Village.  Admission is $15.  Please register online here or contact coordinator Elaine St-Pierre at (819) 425-9735.

Together we’ll  clear up some misconceptions about this effective health practice that has become my chosen profession. There will be time to ask questions and hopefully all will come away with a heightened awareness about Chinese medicine.

I love this kind of local event because it gives me the chance to meet you, so please register, mark your calendar and bring a friend!
Be well!
Rosemary McDonough, LAc.


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