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Acupuncture for Athletes and For You!

Mont-Tremblant attracts skiers and triathletes worldwide.  Here is an update on how acupuncture  treats injuries no matter what sport you practice.  Most athletes are aware that acupuncture is an excellent approach for the treatment of pain. Inflammation caused by sports-related injuries are often easily resolved with this gentle and effective medicine.
There are other reasons though, why a growing number of active people – elite athletes included, have added acupuncture to their training routine.Studies have shown that acupuncture improves circulation, speeding up healing and recovery time to get you back in the game quicker.

skiing at attitash

Athletes should consider acupuncture as a rehabilitative treatment after injury, especially when other approaches don’t improve function as expected. During peak training and competition phases, acupuncture administered within several hours of exercise may enhance immunity and improve resistance to illness.

Because it relaxes the nervous system, acupuncture eases the anxiety that often occurs when one’s training is interrupted by a sports injury.  It also promotes better sleep and improves general energy.

Intense exercise lowers the body’s immunity and makes high performance athletes more susceptible to upper respiratory illness.  Consistent and impressive studies show that regular acupuncture can enhance the immune system and improve resistance to illness.
So whether you’re a triathlete, a sports enthusiast or simply a busy person in need of more energy, acupuncture can make all the difference to your health.


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