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Walking Makes you Beautiful

On a glorious winter day like today, we in Mont-Tremblant have several options when it comes to getting active out of doors. Yup, we can do it all, skiing, snowshoeing, skating, even kite-boarding but on a day like this, my husband and I just grab our coats and boots and head out the door for an invigorating 5 km walk in the early-spring sunshine.

Heading to Mont-Tremblant by foot

When I was in my 20’s someone once told me, “walking makes you beautiful”. Although that was enough of a motivator for me to continue the practice into my advanced years, there are plenty of other factors that make walking the best exercise around.

Because it is a cardiovascular exercise, walking actually protects your heart.  It helps with depression, improves self esteem  and boosts the immune system.   It increases your muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and alleviates low back pain.

It is a natural movement that relaxes you, thus, lowering anxiety and hypertension.  Of course it can also help maintain a healthy body weight and it does wonders for bone density.

It costs nothing to perform, can be practiced almost anywhere and requires no equipment, memberships or fancy clothing.  Just getting outside for an hour of brisk walking practically guarantees me a sound night’s sleep.

Walking may be something of a lost art,  awaiting rediscovery by those who, like myself, have done it all, and are still more interested in experiencing nature at the pace of a footfall rather than at the speed of a free-fall.





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