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Acupuncture in Arundel, Quebec!

Last evening I had the pleasure of making my first ever presentation about acupuncture to the community of Arundel, Quebec.  What a wonder-filled experience it was spending time with the warm hearted people of this welcoming rural community situated about 18 km south of  ‘ downtown’  Mont-Tremblant.

The goal of my presentation was simply to increase awareness in the local population about how acupuncture works and how it can help those in need. I expected that a small group of 5 people  might attend (and I would have been thrilled if this were the case, as the total population in Arundel is estimated to be 600.)  Indeed I was very surprised to watch as the room filled up with 23 interested people!

Arundel, Quebec

I had a great time, good questions were posed and I was made to feel very much at home-I was even presented with the gift of homemade bread and organic shea butter soap.

Thank-you Arundel!


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